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Welcome to EQUINOPEDIA - the current home of Ulbrich's Peerage - and sometime in the future an equivalent for all other pedigreed horse breeds!


Please subscribe...

Please subscribe to Ulbrich's Peerage to gain access to the database. The cost of an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION for a Reader is just US$19.00.

To subscribe to EQUINOPEDIA - which is the online home of Ulbrich's Peerage, please click here.

That will take you to an external payment page, and I will then create your account and send you an email to that effect. Currently, the process is clucky because the database resides in Mediawiki, as you can see, and this poses limitations at this early stage. As soon as possible, this process will be automated.

Contact Us

  • To contact the publisher of the website, click Here. (Equinopedia is part of a group of projects under the banner of EUTHERIANS.)

If you would like to add content to the site - it is almost twenty years out of date for Thoroughbred, and a hundred years out of date for every other breed- do please contact me.

NB: Content can be for any breed of horse.


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